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icon by :iconillseraph:
woke up today to find someone blatantly lying about me to other people on another site, but since i was wrongly and unjustifiably blacklisted/banned from there, i have no way of defending myself. my friend has offered to help me clear misunderstandings, but since the person lying about me is the moderator, i highly doubt his posts will last long.

i find it absolutely shitty how someone can KNOW the truth, but sit there and lie anyways, because god forbid they ever admit they're wrong.

i've already accepted that i'm not longer welcome in that community. still, it would've been nice to have been given at least one chance to explain why things happened the way they did. but nah, mod has to abuse as much power as possible and get rid of the users she doesn't like.

will prob delete later bc this is extremely salty and negative. idk. i'm just really hurt rn.
  • Playing: overwatch
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when i was little, i used to only drink milk if it had ice in it 
it is my birthday today!!!!
i am 22 yrs old!! 
(๑★ .̫ ★๑)
overwatch doesn't make me rage until it's 1v1, then i will scream for 8 years 
i shouldn't have to say this, but if u come across a super homophobic person, telling them "kill yourself" makes u just as bad as them. 
when u can't actually come up w a good counter-argument, just remember u can always tell the person u are arguing with to go back 2 school and learn how to spell while also pretending the word "civil" includes spelling correctly. 

jk, don't actually do this. don't be a cunt. 


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